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Frequently Asked Questions - Daytona D.O.T. helmets

What are the current laws regarding motorcycle helmets?

The current UK required safety standard helmets carry the ECE-22-05  stamp or sticker

The current USA required safety standard helmets carry the D.O.T. stamp

Our AFX range of helmets carry both the ECE & DOT stamp & can be used in both UK, Europe & the USA

Our Daytona range carrying just the DOT stamp have NOT been put through ECE certification & as such we have been advised we cannot sell this item as a safety helmet & we therefore include 20% VAT in their retail price unlike ECE & combined standard that are zero rated in the UK.

Can DOT helmets be worn in the UK?

The Motor Cycles (Protective Helmets) Regulations 1998 state that protective headgear means a helmet which

(a) either-

(i)bears a marking applied by its manufacturer indicating compliance with the specifications contained in one of the British Standards (whether or not as modified by any amendment mentioned in Schedule 2 to these Regulations; or

(ii) is of a type manufactured for use by persons on motorcycles which by virtue of its shape, material and construction could be reasonably be expected to afford the wearer a degree of protection from accidental injury similar to or greater than that provided by a helmet of a type prescribed by regulation 5.

Could the American DOT safety standard fall into (ii) above?  

One would certainly expect that a safety standard set by the leading Western motorcycle market would be designed to afford a good degree of protection from accidental injury as any company manufacturing them would be open to litigation should they not provide such said level.

What if I'm pulled & my helmet checked?

Has this ever happened to you before?  Do you know anyone who's been pulled & had their helmet checked?  Whilst most of us know of mates who may have been pulled for loud pipes or small plates, we've yet to talk to anyone who's been pulled & their helmet certification checked.

Are there any fines for riding without a helmet that falls into The Motor Cycles (Protective Helmets) Regulations 1998 ?

The most recent info we can find is as follows re NOT wearing any helmet whatsoever; 

In August 2013 in GB the the £30 non-endorseable – no points endorsed on your – FPN (Fixed Penalty Notice) went up from £30 to £50.


After reviewing our FAQ's & undertaking any other searches on UK helmet law that you feel you need to undertake, such as the consequences to your insurance cover should you suffer a major head injury, the final choice & decision is entirely yours.  We are simply offering our customers the opportunity to make an informed purchase decision on a variety of open face helmets manufactured for both Europe & the USA.

Fat Skeleton & it's employees are in no way liable for any injury, prosecution or any other consequences brought about by any legal interpretation current or future with regards to the current Road Traffic Act or The Motor Cycles (Protective Helmets) Regulations 1998


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  • Good morning. Quick question. Could you please get your open faces Daytona helmets ece certified. I really like the ‘bombs away’ Daytona open face but until it’s legal to wear on the roads it’s really not worth it. There isnt much difference in the testing and I’m sure it would pass. Cheers now.

    David Simpson

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