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USA Easyriders Empire-Up for SALE.

Founded WAY back in 1970, this famous piece of Biker Culture brought not only outstanding & outrageous builds to the world, but also tied in page 3 style models & the artwork of Californian David Mann to the world.

I remember catching sight of these magazines in the late 70's, we certainly hadn't seen much of its like here in the UK, and they helped form an impression of (real or not) of the way things biker related worked over the pond.

Here in the UK, of course, from 1983 we had BSH to look forward to, joined later by AWOL (now gone AWOL of course) 100% Biker & American V.

Owner of the group who currently publish Easyriders-Paisano - is also looking for a buyer of ALL  the Group assets, including magazines Easyriders, In The Wind, Road Iron, Wrench, Tattoo and Easyriders outdoor events. The BIG V Twin Expo held annually in Cincinnatti has also been cancelled.

So, sign of the times as print publishing continues to struggle with instant gratification & speed of biking news delivered through the internet?  Yet another sign that the ageing "Boomer" generation alone cannot continue to prop up the once vibrant American custom bike scene?  Or have tastes & attitudes in the second decade of the 21st Century moved on?

We'd love to hear your thoughts.

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