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Daytona Low Profile Helmet Reviews

Customer Feedback

Mickey Bott 

I received my size small Daytona this week don’t normally buy without trying. Spot on in every way totally love it. Thank you guys.

Roger Fitch

"Just wanted to say thanks for all your help, helmet arrived yesterday and its perfect! right size and low profile.."

Alun Foster 

"Just bought a Daytona lid from these guys superb service. Cracking Open Face helmet the only one I found to fit me. Cheers Gentlemen"

Steve Sheridan 

I love mine, and its more comfortable than couple other helmets i have that cost over 4 times as much ! Extremely pleased.


Arthur Bell 

Best Helmet I've Bought...And the best company I've ever dealt with.. Very efficient and a fast service..

 Richie Fell 

"I love the helmet, its the only open faced helmet that I don t look like a idiot in."

Chris Boyle

"Dead chuffed with mine still, thanks guys"

Tony Sid Cox 

I tried loads till I found the Daytona, really is the best.

Steve Sheridan 

Love mine, I've bought 3 really expensive helmets, but i only wear this open face fat skeleton one now, which was a fraction of the price of my others, and, is actually the most comfortable ! Also doesn’t make my head look ridiculously large. 

Kevin Gorman

"On my second one,first impression was So light!"

Alain Rowlands

"It saved my skull yesterday, I've ordered another"

Sits really low and no more mushroom head (which I always usually get).
I hot the gloss black version.
Very happy with it. Looks super cool

Phil Whaley 

My new helmet is not only stunning and same colour as my bike but it looks and fits perfect.

Thank you Fat Skeleton.

Vaughan Taylor

"Just wanted to say thanks. Ordered my Daytona open face yesterday, came home from a day on the chop and the helmet is sitting in my front room. Fantastically (if that's a word) quick delivery. Will definitely recommend you. Cheers again."

Paul Smith

"Got my helmet from here. Best fit I've ever had in a helmet. Great look too."

Ken Ellis 

"Had my Daytona for 4 years, it is the lowest profile I have seen and very comfortable. Would recommend 100%"

Lee Coley 

Got my new lid from you guys earlier today and it's great. Quick delivery too.

 Lothian Harley 

 Have got 3 Daytona helmets and all my mates bought them- great value for the money 

 Mike Buchan 

Got the lid, just tried it out on a run over to Glasgow. Best lid yet!

 Alastair Else 

I can recommend the Daytona. A very nice close fitted lid

 Jamie Deighton 

I have the metal flake ROOT BEER Daytona. Love the lid.

Low profile and cool as hell.

Tony Sid Cox 

Mines never off my head, love it, recommend them to anyone.

 Adrian Needham

Just order one. Arrived in 3 days !!!

It's feking awesome.  cheers guys 👍

Phil Harris

Ordered helmet Monday arrived Tuesday! Great customer service from the team and the low profile helmet is the Dogs!

Ordered one of these on a recommendation from a friend, by far the best low profile helmet I’ve seen yet. Comfy to wear and fits well, and no bulbous mushroom head.

As always excellent service from the guys here.

Pez Barnes

Ordered a Daytona helmet on 10 07 18 in the afternoon.  Arrived the following day.
This is my second lid from these guys .service is absolutely first class ...thanks fellas....

On noting that the weather for journey to HD115th in Prague was going to be 25 to 28 degrees C every day I decided there was no way I was going in my full face.
So, measured my head, ordered XL size and fits great. Travelled 5 different countries with no hassle at all and loved the helmet. Not only was it light and cool, I have a fairly large head and I also no longer look like an alien, just great.
In fact, as soon as my finances recover from the trip :-D I intend to get another.

Just received my low profile helmet, it’s is absolutely brilliant perfect fit and a great look.


Craig Taylor

Hi Guys,


Just wanted to offer some feedback on the Daytona Low Profile helmet I purchased from you in 2017. 

First off, please let me start by saying what a fantastic company you run – My trip over to you last summer was excellent.  I was able to chat bikes, try on as much gear as I wanted and found myself a great looking lid that matched the aesthetic of my bike at a phenomenal price. 

The staff in your store are awesome, really knowledgeable people who understand the needs of bikers and stock quality gear that they’d wear themselves. 

I purchased a Daytona Low Profile helmet and went home thrilled with my lid, which I proceeded to use as my daily whilst I rode my HD Iron for all purposes.  The helmet is exactly as it says on the tin; low profile, extremely comfortable and excellent quality.  So much so, I stopped wearing my Shark Raw lid as it was much bulkier (giving you ‘lollypop’ head) and also generated significantly more wind noise and turbulence, despite costing almost three times the cost…


On September 11th 2018, I was making my usual commute into work when a learner driver slammed his brakes on in front of me as we approached a pedestrian crossing on amber. 

I had very little time to react and unfortunately went straight into the back of the car, at which point I was thrown from the bike over the bars and inverted in the air.  I hit the back of the car with my back and landed head and shoulder onto the road from an estimated height of approximately 5 feet. 

I was instantly back up on my feet, aware of the danger of crashing in a busy road, and began to recover my Harley. 

What I didn’t realise was that I had bore the impact of my significant weight and frame through my head and shoulder, and that Daytona’s helmet had protected me entirely. 

For a DOT certified helmet, bearing in mind it ‘fails to meet Euro regulation’, I should have been in trouble, if you listen to ‘experts’ in rider safety… What I can say is that I was never in trouble.  In fact, my head was the only part of me that didn’t sustain any impact damage, nor did it ache, or present any symptoms of concussion etc. 

The Daytona lid did a tremendous job in protecting me and the very first thing on my list was to replace it.  I could have been so much worse off had it not been for the quality of the helmet and I am absolutely thrilled with my new one – I will not wear another helmet brand on my Harley and will not purchase anything unless it comes from the guys at Fat Skeleton.  Without exaggeration, you’ve been a life saver, I’m in your debt!



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  • Bought Daytona Matt black sizeLarge 3yrs ago still good in all weather
    Best lid I ever bought from the best company to deal with
    Well satisfied with price and quality of the gear they sell

  • Bought Daytona Matt black sizeLarge 3yrs ago still good in all weather
    Best lid I ever bought from the best company to deal with
    Well satisfied with price and quality of the gear they sell

  • I need a new lid looking at Daytona’s do you sell at bike rally’s / shows need to try one on before I buy ?

    Thinking Of Getting a Low Prophile Lid

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