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Fat Skeleton Guide to Kevlar

It's worth clarifying the difference between aramid fibre and kevlar, and for most part it's just branding. Kevlar is a DuPont trademark, while the term 'aramid fibre' means any other very similar material - in practice it's hard to tell between the two. 

Whilst everyday “fashion” type jeans may look cool for riding your bike, it becomes a completely different story should you fall off as they provide almost NO abrasion protection & zero impact protection.


This is where *Kevlar jeans come into their own. Kevlar fibres and therefore yarn has a huge strength advantage over cotton & other man made fabrics. The abrasion protection of Kevlar fibres in key areas of the jeans and reinforced stitching dramatically improves this.

The Kevlar fabric provides additional ‘give’ and where the loops of the knit compact to make a thicker fabric at the point of impact. This is one of the reasons why Kevlar jeans with proper knitted Kevlar fabrics are warm to wear: those knitted panels are similar to terry towelling in their construction

Impact protection is provided by slip in EU approved armour in the hips & knee areas.

And it’s not just jeans that benefit from Kevlar lining. It is just as effective in jackets, which is why many of the modern fabric riding clothing can off a similar protection to leather but without the weight disadvantage of the latter.

We know it works, check out this customer feedback on our Armr brand Bomber Jacket.


Mick Taylor on Jan 05, 2019

I recently came off my Triumph whilst wearing this Kevlar jacket. It saved my skin and I ended up without any marks on my body. Top gear will buy another.


  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Are the knee inserts in your Kevlar jeans height adjustable to cater for different leg/height sized
    people ? Thanks. Bruce.

    Bruce Connell
  • Is the John Doe kevlar lined hoodie waterproof, or is it only shower proof?

    Frank Goodall

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