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New World Record Total Number of Harley Davidson's in a Parade October 5th 2019


The number to beat was 2,404 -

This year (after 3 years of failed attempts) The Paris Texas Harley Dealer, alongside popular American Youtube biker Vlogger Adam Sandoval smashed he record with 3,497 Harleys in their Parade and BROUGHT IT HOME!!

Click the link below to see just what 3497 Harleys in one place at the same time looks like!

You can watch this watch this EPIC event, just click on the link below!


We've been following the main man, Adam Sandoval and his "Americans" You Tube videos' over the past few years.

Adam’s creation of "ScootinAmerica" stemmed from his passion for riding motorcycles and was fueled by his regret of not choosing to serve in the military. With his canine co-pilot named Scooter on his back, Adam Sandoval completed his mission to visit every Harley-Davidson dealership in the lower 48 states in order to raise money and awareness for the US military and their families.

Whilst some of the "Americanisms", the high fives, the ridiculous gangster hand signs to name just two, can get a little tiring, overall this is one vlogger certainly worth following.  This guy, alongside his travelling companion, Scooter, has travelled more miles in and around America than most average riders would take 20 or so lifetimes to achieve.

It's "all for charity" mate, so it might appear a bit corny to UK tastes, but there's no getting away from the fact that this guy walks the talk...unlike so many on the road vloggers out there.

Check out his website & his social media feeds plus a few of his videos by following the link below, and subscribe if you like them as there's generally something of interest happening in his life which may hopefully inspire you to get out on your bike a bit more.



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