Daytona Low Profile Open Face Matt Black D.O.T. Open Face Helmet – Fat Skeleton UK

Daytona Low Profile Open Face Matt Black D.O.T. Open Face Helmet

  • £8500

Daytona Matt Black XXS-4XL
The Daytona Range of Helmets are the Lowest Profile Helmets available & carry the USA D.O.T. safety standard certification. 
*IMPORTANT Please read our FAQ info re D.O.T. in the UK BEFORE you purchase.

Low Profile design for the authentic custom look & finish - different size helmet shells* helps prevents that 'astronaut helmet' or 'mushroom' look you normally get with an open face style of helmet.
Just check out the 2nd 'photo.  Both mannequin heads are the same size & both are wearing a "large" size helmet.  The mannequin on the left is wearing a Daytona helmet, the one on the right a standard ECE approved item.
The reason that the Daytona looks a lot slimmer is that most EU certified helmets use a One Size fits all shell, and then increase the padding as the head size decreases.  Daytona, on the other and, manufacture their helmets in 3 different shell sizes, eliminating unnecessary levels of padding, meaning the helmet is a much better proportionate fit.
Each Daytona Helmet comes with
A protective Draw String Cloth Bag
A Goggle retaining strap on the rear
Nylon chin straps
The D.O.T. certification shows that the helmet has been approved in the USA as a "safety helmet", and such offers the required level of head protection as required under American law.
Daytona's have not, however, been put through ECE testing, and we've been advised that as such we cannot sell them as a motorcycle safety helmet.  
Because of this the Daytona are not zero rated & the retail price includes 20% VAT.
Are they Road Legal in the UK??
Before purchasing YOU MUST read our following FAQ info re DOT helmets .
If you decide to purchase a Daytona through this website you are bound by the terms & conditions listed there.
Need any more info on the Daytona's?  Call us on 0115 9635837 office hours Monday -Friday
Customer Feedback



Having previously bought an AFX FX 76, an MT Le Mans and a Bell 500 custom I can honestly say the best low profile helmet by a long way out of all four is the Daytona Cruiser 3/4. The first three made me look like the Mekon whereas the Daytona really is low profile, a very good helmet indeed. 

Andre Bayliss 
What can I say? Ordered a Daytona Open Faced Lid after looking at reviews etc, on Bank Hol. Monday evening. Today (Wednesday morning), it is here. Beautifully packed, speedy service, and the icing on the cake is that the helmet appears to fit perfectly. In 2 XL... I have a mahoosive head, and have tried 30 plus open faced helmets on. All make me look like a massive helmet head..... until now. The Daytona seems to do everything it say on the tin. It fits very nicely. and so do the shades I bought at the same time. I score you guys 10 out of 5. Awesome and thanks

Roger Fitch

Just wanted to say thanks for all your help, helmet arrived yesterday and its perfect! right size and low profile ..

Alun Foster 

Just bought a Daytona lid from these guys 
superb service.
Cracking Open
Face helmet the only one I found to fit me 
cheers gentlemen

Richie Fell

I love the helmet, its the only open faced helmet that I don t look like a idiot in.

Chris Boyle
Dead chuffed with mine still, thanks guys
Gary Watson 
Bought two, 
Brilliant helmets and great service.
Kevin Gorman
On my second one,first impression was so light !
Alain Rowlands
It saved my skull yesterday, I've ordered another
Vaughan Taylor    
Just wanted to say thanks.
Ordered my Daytona open face yesterday, came home from a day on the chop and the helmet is sitting in my front room. Fantastically (if that's a word) quick delivery. Will definitely recommend you. Cheers again.
Paul Smith
Got my helmet from here
Best fit I've ever had in a helmet
Great look too
Matt Kidd 
I’m on my second. Bloody comfortable lids.
Highly recommend these beauties.
Martin Darlington 
Got the matt black one! Great helmet, good service and communication, very pleased with it! thanks!
John Johnston 
All of our Hadrian Tour guides wore these helmets last year for our tours and found them very comfortable at an inexpensive cost.We tested them through pains mountains and deserts and they came up to the mark in every condition.

Brett Tomlinson

Just a quick email to say thanks for your advice, absolutely love the helmet. Look, fit, comfort all perfect as you predicted. Very happy customer, thanks for all your help and patience.

Ken Ellis
Had my Daytona for 4 years, it is the lowest profile I have seen and very comfortable. Would recommend 100%
Steve Kipper Dunn
Got the orange one.very pleased with it thanks
Richard Fellows
Good quality helmet with an Awesome shell size. Looks fantastic highly recommend

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