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Fat Skeleton Ultima 24 Foam padded Reactalite Rider Yellow Lens Glasses

  • £4495

 Fat Skeleton EXCLUSIVE
Comfortable & Effective, you'll be amazed at how good these are.

Yellow to Dark lenses.

Popular with both cruiser and sports bike riders, these are probably the most comfortable glasses you'll ever buy!

These feature SHATTERPROOF ANTI FOG reactalight reactive lenses and really effective flexible arm ends which make putting them on and off under even the tightest of helmets is a breeze.

UV400 Protection

Soft foam padding make these both practical & comfortable...they don't press against the top of your nose or hurt when worn on long runs and their ability to cut wind turbulence is amazing!!

The yellow lenses react with the brain to create what can be best described as 'instant sunshine'.   They also increase your depth & 3D perception of your environment, which is why many professional marksmen & engineers swear by them!  

However they work, we guarantee you'll be amazed at just how they'll make those dull days a more pleasurable ride!!  Many users also find that these reduce night time glare from street lamps and headlights and this style of glasses are sometimes referred to as Night Vision Glasses.



    CUSTOMER REVIEWS from our Facebook pages (clear to dark version)


    CUSTOMER REVIEWS from our Facebook pages

    Mark Kempster

    I use these ... absolutely fantastic.. Keep wind and fog out... once worn in after a few rides instantly clear at night and very quick shade in the sun... just short of 20 seconds. As soon as you walk indoors or shade... clear again... I have been looking for riding shades for years now ... these are the best I found so far!

    Tunch Ersoy

    I've just brought a pair of reactalites from Fat Skeleton my best shades yet

    Colin Pemberton

    My daughter gave me a pair last Birthday - - brilliant eye protection for riding day and night.

    Nathan Armstrong

    Great performance for the money.

    Jim Salmon

    Best thing I've bought for a while, saves carrying a clear pair for nights.

    Andrew Ogg

    Best money I've spent . Even if I do have only 1 eye . 100%

    Harry Hardacre

    Got a pair for my birthday, best glasses I've tried in many years, ,,,,,,

    John Johnson (owner Hadrian V Twin Tours)... 

    I wear them all the time when ridding on Hadrian V Twin tours

    Ashely Shippey

    I've recently purchased a pair of these & done over 100 miles with them on. Best shades I've had for a bike.

    Grant Jackson

    Mine arrived today and briefly used the on commute home, seem to do exactly what is says on the tin and much cheaper than my Harley shades that are standard sunny tint. No brainer buy and enjoy

    John Graham

    Now own 2 pairs and they're great

    Bob Gordon

    Superb glasses, the only pair you need !!!!

    Paul Reid

    Just to let you know just got back from the faro rally in Portugal rode over 2,200 miles the glasses I bought from you did what it said on the tin cheers 😎


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    Customer Reviews

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