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Fat Skeleton Daytona EVA Foam Padded Brown Lens Sunglasses

  • £1995

Exclusive Fat Skeleton Specification Rider Glasses.

Thick EVA vented foam padding make these both practical & comfortable, their ability to cut wind turbulence is amazing.

                              Decentred lenses for Optical Quality

  • Superb Peripheral Vision
  • ESSENTIAL Shatterproof Polycarbonate Lenses
  • ANTI FOG COATING helps stop them steamiung up early morning / late night
  • Matt Frame Helps stop reflections within helmet
  • UV400 Filter for Maximum UV Protection
  • Scratch Resistant Coating
  • Thick Vented EVA Foam
  • Soft Touch Frames
  • Rubber Tips
  • Complete with soft pouch which doubles as a cleaning cloth
  • Arms feature our cool Fat Skeleton Jaw Bone logo 
  • Comes with Free Soft Pouch which doubles as a cleaning cloth
  • The brown-coloured Drivers lens is particularly well suited for driving. That’s because it enhances colours and contrast, lightening and darkening for optimal light transmission in any riding condition. 
  • It’s also engineered to transmit more red, yellow and green colours, making it ideal for identifying stoplights. 
  • Thanks to its ability to relax your eye muscles, the Drivers lens helps reduce stress and fatigue while driving.

  •      Add a Protective Hard Case for just another £5 (our usual price £8.95-glasses in image shown for scale reference only)
  • Hard Case Specification: 

    • Zipper Closure with Spring Hook
    • Easy Grip Recessed Area on Both Sides Prevents Glass Movement Inside
    • Soft Felt Lining



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