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AFX 55 Silver Convertible Full to Open Face Helmet

  • £13995

  • Helmet can be configured one of seven different ways:
  • 1. Helmet with standard visor, shield and chin bar (standard configuration);
  • 2. Helmet with standard visor and shield;
  • 3. Helmet with shield and chin bar;
  • 4. Helmet with shield;
  • 5. Helmet with standard visor;
  • 6. Helmet with short visor;
  • 7. Helmet with MX vent chin bar and standard visor; includes all seven parts


Aerodynamic shell design constructed of advanced poly-alloy plastic for lightweight strength

  • Clear-coat finish to protect paint and graphics
  • Hypoallergenic, antimicrobial nylon liner and cheek pads are removable and washable
  • Ear cavities for speakers
  • A flip-up, flush-fit, quick-release, single-turn-screw face shield; the shield itself is a curved, optically correct compound, which is scratch-resistant and protects against UV-rays
  • Smoke-tinted inner flip-down sun shield with left-side slide lever
  • 10 points of ventilation with chin, side, forehead, top and rear vents
  • Retention system is quick-release with sewn-on ECE logo
  • Deluxe carrying bag

Customer Reviews 

Great helmet for the money!I 

Wore this helmet for two 6 hour stretches with temps in the mid 80s and high humidity and so far I am very pleased. When I first got it I was concerned that it was too tight but after an hour on the road it felt perfect and stayed that way. I have only worn it with the chin bar removed on the road so far. 

The long face shield is great and the slider for the sun shield is easy to operate once you get used to its location. The chin bar feels very sturdy but the visor parts feel a bit on the flimsy side. 

The only other con I can find with it is that the face shield doesn't have a tab on it for easy lifting when you use it with the chin bar. 

There is a recess in the chin bar for you to get a finger into to lift the shield, but a tab would have been easier to find with a glove on.Overall, a very versatile helmet at an exceptional price.

Cost effective and well equipped for price.

This is a really great helmet for the price, and comes with a lot of features. The helmet is sort of loud, but the one I was using previously wasn't much different so it doesn't bother me.

My favourite aspect of this helmet is the field of view, which is one of the main reasons I bought it. You can see absolutely everything, and on my bike this means being able to see the mirrors and instruments without having to move my head AT ALL. 

It is also exceptionally comfortable, and I can work the quick release, all the vents, the face shield, and drop down with my gloves still on. Drop down is also super handy.

Bottom line though, for the price, and overall, it is a really great helmet, and very versatile.

Awesome helmet

Great fit true to size, ear buds fit comfortably, very light but durable, awesome air flow even when I'm not moving! Great price and great looking helmet.

Long term review

Bought the Helmet in June 2014 and been very pleased with the value for money and durability. I ride year round and it's been to both coasts and used pretty much daily.

 Visors are durable and low cost to replace and helmet has really held up well considering the price.I generally ride with the chin bar in place a no visor. 

Sun visor mechanism continues to work well. Highly recommended. 

It's light and quiet and is very easy to get on and off even with earphones in.

Great product. Versatile. No regrets!

The helmet is a great bang for your buck. I can change it however I want, if I'm going on a quick trip I strip it of everything except the small visor. I plan on using the full face during the winter. 

Pros-Versatile-Stylish-Surprisingly Comfortable-Amazing bang for buck-Good quality

Cons-Noisy (worn other half helmets and this is noisiest)

Great helmet

Overall I'm very happy with my helmet, it's stylish and comfy. It has a little more wind noise then some but it's not disconcerting at all.

Worth the Time to set up

I personally found the top visor far too flimsy & noisy, but apart from binning this part the helmet does everything i expected of it, offering great value for money

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