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LS2 FF324 Metro Flip Front Helmet with Factory Fitted Bluetooth Kit

  • £19999

Superbly Specified Modular Flip Front Helmet with built in Bluetooth & Fat Skeleton Freebies Pack

Manufactured from LS2's exclusive Kinetic Polymer Alloy which offers a lightweight helmet with the shock absorption & penetration that rivals that of high end composites
The FF324 is "Dual Homologated" which means the flip front can be locked & legally ridden in the up position as it has been tested as an open & full face helmet.
The vox operated boom mike means the intercom / mobile function can be used with the front in the open position.
The Technical Specs of this exceptional helmet are listed below
If you require further information or clarification of any of the specs, please contact us on 0115 9635837 Monday-Friday office hours.


*Comes complete with freebie package worth over £50.00 comprising of a pair of our foam padded shatterproof lens smoked riding glasses worth £29.95, Helmet care kit worth £17.98 Free 12 in 1 buff style neck tube/face mask
This model complete with a factory fitted bluetooth headset which connects to your bluetooth enabled mobile phone, Bike Sat Nav, or MP3 player. However it goes even further, not only can you use your hands free supported device, answer phone calls, listen to music or hear vital information from your Sat Nav system, you can pair up to 3 of these quality helmets together to have wireless rider to pillion communication up to a range of up to 1000 metres. You now have the benefit of a stereo speaker system, so now your music and phone calls will sound even better.
This helmet comes complete with an easy to connect charger and has adjustable volume and multi function control button situated on the chin strap, not some ugly externally fitted carbuncle like you'll see on some cheaper models.
GR 1600
Fog Fighter System
Quick Release System
UV Resistant
Fog Resistant
Twin Shield system
Removable & washable Hypoallergenic liner
Laser Cut Foam 
Breath Deflector
Channeled Ports
Top & Chin Vents
Summer Vents
Rear Exhaust Port
Quick Release Reinforced Chin Strap 
Multi-Density EPS lining
Neck Roll
Reflective Safety Patch


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