Icon 1000 Rim Fire Tan Riding Gloves – Fat Skeleton UK

Icon 1000 Rim Fire Tan Riding Gloves

  • £7495

 Motorcycle gloves that hark back an older era of riding

• Premium drum-dyed cowhide leather works with a D30 knuckle insert
• Floating knuckle construction & pre-tensioned elastic palm for comfort
The Rimfire gloves are cut into a classic look while still including the protection you expect from modern gloves. 

Drum-dyed cowhide and a pre-tensioned elastic palm gives you flexible and comfortable gloves that doesn't bunch or chafe. 

The integrated D30 knuckle insert and the metal inserts on the palm give you enhanced impact protection and in the event of a slide.

The knuckle construction uses a floating design for the best flexibility, while the pre-curved palm and finger design gives you comfortable gloves to spend all day in.

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