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LS2 Spitfire Matt Black ECE approved Open Face Helmet with drop down visor

LS2 Spitfire Matt Black ECE approved Open Face Helmet with drop down visor

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The LS2 OF599 Spitfire is a great jet helmet by LS2. A jet helmet provides ultimate freedom, and often gives you that classic look. Because of this classic look you often see Chopper/Retro riders loving this type of helmet. Not only do they often provide excellent ventilation and field of view, they are the lightest type of helmets out there. This OF599 Spitfire only weighs 1000g. The low weight provides excellent freedom making the jet helmet a great choice for riders who love to ride in sunny weather. 

Safety features of the OF599 Spitfire

A helmet's job first and foremost is to provide protection. Constructed from Polycarbonate, this Black OF599 Spitfire Polycarbonate The chinstrap is an important part of the helmet’s effectiveness in a crash and It is also the part that you interact with the most when putting on and taking off the helmet. The OF599 Spitfire features a Micrometric buckle. Micrometric Of course all of our helmets are certified and road legal for European roads as this helmet is ECE 22.05 approved. This safety rating is also road legal in many other countries like Australia and Canada.

The OF599 Spitfire Comfort

Besides safety, comfort is key to any good helmet, this OF599 Spitfire features a ventilation system with which keeps you fresh and cool. In addition the helmet is fitted with a Moisture wicking, Removable, Washable interior. Our customers rate this helmet to have an Intermediate fit.

 NOTE: This IS NOT a Low Profile Helmet




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