Photo Realistic Skull Half Face Mask – Fat Skeleton UK

Photo Realistic Skull Half Face Mask

  • £1095

Half Skull Neoprene face mask..attaches at back by velcro.

Holes for breathing through...Reverse & use as a black mask...REALLY warm. 

One of our new 'photo realistic' quality neoprene face masks. Thicker, softer neoprene that most of the cheap n nasty masks you find out there.

Edge seams around the entire half mask so it won't split or rip.

These are quality neoprene face masks, made from the same fabric as divers wetsuits, they'll keep you incredibly warm!!   They are one size with an adjustable rear velcro fastening.

They have moulded nose & mouth vents for comfort. Nose can be cut to enable desired fit. 

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