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Stellar Matt Black Blue FF900 Valiant 2  Modular Flip Over Flip Front Full Face / Open Face Motorcycle Helmet
Stellar Matt Black Blue FF900 Valiant 2  Modular Flip Over Flip Front Full Face / Open Face Motorcycle Helmet
Stellar Matt Black Blue FF900 Valiant 2  Modular Flip Over Flip Front Full Face / Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

Stellar Matt Black Blue FF900 Valiant 2 Modular Flip Over Flip Front Full Face / Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

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Mark II of this Really Versatile Flip Front Modular Helmet. 

The LS2 Valiant 2 180 degree flip front modular motorcycle helmet is one of the most versatile helmets on the market.

The designers at LS2 took a popular concept, 180 degree flip, and designed a totally new and unique mechanism, allowing the Valiant 2 to be the smallest, lightest of its kind on the market.


  • Lightweight Kinetic Polymer Alloy (KPA) construction
  • 180º flip up system
  • Multi-density EPS
  • Channelled EPS ventilation with top vents, two way chin vent and exhaust port for maximum airflow
  • Reinforced chinstrap and quick release buckle
  • Quick release, scratch and UV resistant, anti-fog visor
  • Quick sun visor control
  • Hypoallergenic, laser-cut foam comfort liner
  • Glasses wearer friendly design
  • ECE 22.05 certified
  • Includes pinlock and special camo helmet bag



July 27, 2019

Excellent for commuting

I bought this helmet for commuting to and from work and its excellent. Got the comfort of a full face when its a bit cooler first thing in the morning with pin lock to stop that fogging up, and when it gets to those hot afternoons just flip it back for an open face with an excellent sun visor and the ride home is a breeze....The helmet is well built and has style . Excellent LS2.


July 7, 2019

Don't dawdle just buy it

Spent weeks looking and reviewing this helmet. Needn't have bothered should have just bought it. Looks awesome, very practical, love riding with it in town, the open face aspect really gives a bit of freedom compared to open face helmets. Little noisy at speed but I find modulars just are. Fitted with the senna ride pal makes for a good combination. The visor lifts with a tab at the top not the usual bottom tab takes a little getting used to but no issue. The sun visor works with a switch which is easy to locate with gloves on. Everything clicks with a nice firm clunk so you can feel its a quality built helmet. Really happy with it.


July 3, 2019

Very pleased

This is my third helmet, to replace my previously favourite caberg flipup - which are much easier for glasses and petrol stations... I liked the idea that it flips all the way over rather than creating a large metal quiff, and I have found myself riding in hot, slow traffic this way. The only thing I didn't think of was attaching my ghost drift (easy on the caberg 'cheek' panel). However the flip over mechanism is well made - the oval 'hinge' raises and lowers rather than spins - so my camera is fixed underneath the oval, quite inconspicuously. I measured 59, my other helmets were M but I went L and it's a tight fit.

June 22, 2019

Excellent piece of kit

The helmet is great , lighter than expected and very practical. I have been using this helmet every day in all weather conditions for the last couple of weeks (in UK you can experience all types of weather in one week! ), rain never get inside the helmet and the ventilations are more than great , I can feel the cold air over my head at night. It fits very well, but like with all helmets give it a week or couple of long rides and it will feel different and will be very comfortable, visor is very good and taking it off to install the Pinlock provided or for washing became easier with the tool included by Fat Skeleton  which is very straight forward and would knock down the only downside which this helmet had in all forums as it used to be very hard to remove the visor without this tool. Two things to be aware of before buying this helmet , choose your right size or go one size higher if you are between two sizes , secondly there is not too much room for the headphones in this helmet unless it has a slim headsets or you buy the Linkin Ride Pal as the helmet is ready for it.

June 22, 2019

Great Helmet

I have always had a flip helmet and you do get drag with the lid up this design is fantastic feels like full open face lid back and full face down great vision with wide screen and very light especially at speed recommend this product.

June 20, 2019

First Modular Helmet - Very Pleased

I've never owned a modular helmet before and was intrigued with the reviews and price of this helmet I liked the fact that the chinbar went right over to the back, not leaving it like a sail in the air above your head. The build quality appears very good both inside and out, though the removal and fitting of the inner padding is unusual and tricky the insert first time Visor removal is very simple by using the included tool to release the pins and re-fitting the visor takes a couple of seconds The chinbar locks with a reassuring solid clunk and is very easy to unlock and rotate backwards 


May 26, 2019

Look no further

When the helmet is on and the chin guard is up it feels less than snug but when you lock the chin guard in place it tightens everything up. the padding is still a bit tight but its slacking of as expected. The air vent in top is very effective as I can feel the Scottish cold air coming in. The front vent is excellent as it make sure it does not steam up. The peripheral vision is great a glance left and right is enough you don't need be a contortionist and screw your neck right round like some helmets.I was in torrential rain for two hours and not once did the rain get inside of the helmet. for the short time I have had this helmet I would recommend it to anyone that wants a aerodynamic flip helmet that they can ride with it open, there is no drag on the helmet whatsoever. the mechanism that allows you to just press a button and flip up and it moves the visor back out of the way then you can pull the visor back down and you are getting the freedom of a open face helmet.


March 31, 2019

Best Helmets I've owned

I recently purchased 2 of these helmets for myself and my wife, they are clearly the best helmets I've purchased so far, they are so comfortable, and I would definitely recommend this product to friends

August 23, 2018

Fantastic helmet

After owning 3 of the Shark Evoline helmets series 1-3 I thought I would give this make a try and I have not been disappointed. It feels very slightly lighter than the Sharks and I like the opening action & closing of the chin bar which is a lot easier than the Shark one's. Only one slightly off point is that the way you remove the visor is a bit fiddly I thought I was going to break it when I took off to install the Pinlock visor. Apart from that I can't fault it still getting use to were the vents etc., but I am very pleased with my purchase & being £120 cheaper than Shark Evo One 2 I was going to buy you can't go wrong.


June 2, 2018


Can't decide between open, full or flip. Then get this. I found it much easier to use than the Shark and better sizing too. And at a better price. No noticeable buffering when in open face mode.

March 30, 2018

Comfortable, well made with best of both worlds

Have only been riding for a couple of years and in that time have gone through about 6 helmets trying to find one that is right for me. This helmet is super comfortable and gives me the benefit of open face riding with the benefit of a full face helmet when weather turns bad. Flip up mechanism is superb and solid and all controls are easy to use. Get no 'sail' effect that I have suffered with other flip ups I have used. It is also supplied with a Pinlock which I don't think is noted in text of advert so that a plus too. Visor is easy to detach and replace without tools so another plus. So good my partner is looking at replacing her helmet with one, and she is the fussy one in family!! 

October 31, 2017

Excellent helmet

Very comfortable and all the mechanisms are really smooth. Easy to operate although it took a little while to get use to the center lift on the visor. A nice light helmet with all the functionality of a £500 worth helmet.