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XXL Waterproof Cover, Cruiser Accessories - Fat Skeleton UK

XXL Waterproof Cover

  • £4500

You spend a fortune on keeping your pride & joy looking good so why not make YOUR job that bit easier by covering it when your not riding it??
XL-XXL 266cm long x 135cm wide x 100cm high

XL-XXL  266cm long x 135cm wide x 100cm high  It is suitable for indoor AND outdoor use. Non scratch textile surface  Tear resistent.  It will protect your bike against everything a harsh environment can throw at it   Being extremely breathable it helps stop corrosion  It has 2 elasticated areas (front and rear) TO HELP ENSURE A CUSTOM FIT There is also a centre clip which is for securing the cover against wind flap. Breathable (1 litre/sq. m/24hrs) For indoor and outdoor use 100% watertight UV Stabilised Washable at 80 degrees Heat resistant against sun rays

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