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Fat Skeleton’s List of Bikers Pet Hates

Fat Skeleton’s List of Bikers Pet Hates

Mobile Phone Users

Let’s face it, concentrating on a phone call or even worse, texting whilst driving is pretty damn dangerous. We particularly like a T shirt we saw on a recent trip which read “Would You Drive Better with That Phone Shoved Up Your Ass?”


Poor Weather

You’d really think that living on this miserable grey cold rock we call home that we’d all be hardened off by now, but in reality this isn’t the case. Fog’s probably the worse as it impairs all road users vision, making motorcyclists even less visible than usual. The use of fog lights can also cause dazzling through your helmet visor.


Butt Off!

Drivers throwing cigarette buts out of the window. I’ve personally had lit one’s land in my lap, one of the few downsides of the cruiser riding position. It’s not just cigarettes either, an increasing number of our ADHD generation seem to think that it’s acceptable to lob their empty Mac Donald’s crap out their windows.


It’s all going to Pot

No, not smoking weed, it’s pot holes we’re talking about here. The years of local council austerity has led to some pretty appalling road conditions that are going to damage both your suspension and your dental fillings. Mud on the road is pretty nasty too, particularly in more rural regions where tractors can leave this for 100’s of yards as they speed away to their next destination.


Windscreen Washers

So there you are, riding along on this years sunny day, & out of the blue you’re squirted by a stream of water emanating from the BMW drivers badly adjusted windscreen washers.


Mirror, Signal, Turn

It’s not just ineffective use of mirrors, it’s general lack of awareness of others on the roads. A lot of drivers also seem to have forgotten how to use indicators leading to dangerous overtaking situations. Worse of all is when on coming cars end up on your side of the road having failed to spot the bike coming towards them.

Coming Through

Or not, as the case may be. Whilst cutting through lines of stationary traffic is a liberating experience for bikers, it’s sod’s law that the one guy who’s actually observing things in his rear view mirror is the one that’ll move over to impede your progress. On the other hand, watch out for the idiot who isn’t using his mirror & fed up & bored with the traffic jam, opens his drivers door…nasty one that.

Wanna race?

Well, could actually be the bikers fault for revving at the side of Mr Sales Rep in his Company Mondeo. As soon as those light go red it’s no longer High Street, more Santa Pod Raceway.

Middle Lane Drivers

We’ve all experienced them, the middle lane motorway hoggers driving at 55 mph who travel for MILES completely oblivious of the chaos they’re causing in the lanes behind them.

We're bound to have missed your pet hate...let us know your thoughts by leaving your comments below.


  • There is much in what you say Wolfman, but I find it does sometimes help! I ride a 1200 Harley, wear the “Badass Biker” shades (Purchased from Fat Skeleton!), my leather jacket is from the States and has those cowboy fringes across the back and down the sleeves plus I wear combats and steel toecap boots. I find the average car driver has already stereotyped me as some kind of Hells Angel and thus usually lets me through or is less inclined to pull out in front of me or across me. Not always, but usually! I’m actually a 54 year old Driving Instructor! (But THEY don’t know that!!).

    mad mitch
  • I have a pet hate, Outlaw Biker stereotypes, several decades worth, which make you out to be some kinda corny cartoon super villain, not a real person. Ten years of dealing with dumb, ignorant minded people and it doesn’t get any less difficult. I sometimes break rules when it’s called for, out of necessity, but I don’t go out deliberately searching for trouble, jeezus. I try and avoid it. Granted, that is a bit more difficult, if you look like a German version of Mad Max rocking pointy cowboy boots, but there ya go. Can’t please everyone

  • Ever been riding along the main road when a car driver approaches a junction to the side of you, LOOKING IN THE WRONG DIRECTION! In the UK, the FIRST danger when emerging from a junction ALWAYS comes from your RIGHT! Make sure your horn works!

    mad mitch
  • Cyclists

    They want respect on roads and quite rightly expect consideration however, it cuts both ways…they cycle through red lights, fail to look behind them before manoeuvring, often do signal,use pavements to cut corners avoiding traffic lights usually,use pavements even when dedicated tracks are provided. If the want to use bicycles on public roads why do they not contribute to road fund licencing like all other road users.


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