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     USA Run to The Wall-10 Day EVENT

Now approaching its 30th Year Run For The Wall® recognises the sacrifices and contributions made by ALL VETERANS who have served America. Veterans of recent conflicts and those currently on active duty, Non-Veteran Supporters, and Patriots are especially welcome to join and ride with us, as We Ride for Those Who Can’t.

Run For The Wall® (RFTW) was started in 1989 by James Gregory and Bill Evans, two Vietnam Veterans who traveled across the heartland of America on motorcycles. They talked to local radio, TV and newspapers about the thousands of men and women still unaccounted for from all wars. The need for this awareness continues today and we carry on this tradition every May.

The issue of public awareness is only part of the reason RFTW exists. We also give Vietnam Veterans and all Veterans the opportunity to receive their own “Welcome Home” and start their healing process.

Anyone who has fought or has friends or loved ones who have fought in a war, has their own issues from their own experience — the welcome home, the goodbye to buddies lost, the ability to finally help the young men and women we watch every night on TV, or just trying to accept coming home alive. Many who participate in The Run find that whatever they’ve been missing can be found in the RFTW family. They can finally start settling issues that have been “stuffed” away for many years.

There’s a nominal charge for participating in The Run, plus you pay your own expenses such as lodging. We are fortunate to receive support from organizations and people along the way. Most breakfasts, lunches, and evening dinners are provided FREE, or for a small donation by concerned citizens. There are many generous groups and individuals who also pay for our gas, too.

The trip is a 10-day ride from Ontario, California, to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC, where The Run officially ends. We meet on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial just before noon on Saturday before Memorial Day. From there, we walk as a group to The Wall and declare our Mission Complete by placing a plaque at the apex. There are other non-RFTW events scheduled throughout the weekend, including the opportunity to participate in the Rolling Thunder Parade in Washington, DC, on Sunday. This is a sight to behold — 350,000 plus motorcycles all starting from the Pentagon parking lots, parading through downtown Washington, and ending at The Wall.

During the journey across the US, we make stops at memorials, Veterans’ Hospitals and schools. We enjoy parades, escorts and “Welcome Home” receptions provided by the patriots in our host cities.

Participants range in age from 8 to 80. They include fathers, mothers, grandfathers and grandmothers (some of whom ride their own bikes!); veterans from World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Iraqi Freedom and Afghanistan; active duty military; supporters; friends and family.

Some people join RFTW and think it is just a vacation or another motorcycle event. After a day or two, you realiSe this is something special and unlike anything you’ve experienced. You become part of the RFTW family whose members come from all over the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, The Netherlands, and other countries.

           UK RTTW - One Day Event

It's hard to believe that on 7th October this year RIDE TO THE WALL will be celebrating its 10th Anniversary. There have been some amazing memories over the year, which I'm sure many of you will recall on numerous occasions.

The family, that has become RTTW, is still growing at an amazing rate, with the logo and merchandise becoming more and more recognised at many events throughout the year. What a way to promote and get the message out of what we are all so proud to represent and be part of. It's a great feeling explaining to people what RTTW means, and their reaction when they understand the reasons why we do it.

The Directors, Trustees, Committee and volunteers, along with the staff at the National Memorial Arboretum have, over the years, dedicated an enormous amount of time to get RTTW where it is today, and at the same time never deviating from our Core Values, which is something very special. To do this, all as unpaid volunteers, is an even greater achievement.

  1. RTTW is founded on the principles of Remembrance and Respect.
  2. To remember those that can no longer ride by our side.
  3. To give all motorcyclists an opportunity to pay their respects to the memory of the fallen and express our gratitude for their sacrifice.
  4. To show support for the Armed Forces currently serving both at home and abroad.
  5. To raise money for the upkeep of the venue that serves to perpetuate the memory of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

On 24th June 2017 Ride To The Wall will, once again, present a cheque to the NMA for the upkeep of the amazing site. Since the founding of RTTW, YOU have contributed to raising in excess of £500,000, which in itself is a truly amazing achievement.

Martin Dickinson Founder Ride To The Wall

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