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Crowd Funded Skully Helmets Crash & Burn

Hi-tech helmet manufacturer “Skully” has crashed, and in doing so has burned the fingers of nearly 2000 small investors who supported the product’s development through a crowdfunding appeal.


Pre-orders for the AR-1 raised more than $2.4million on Indiegogo in November 2104. Described as a sophisticated “augmented reality” helmet- featured a heads up display, 108 degree rear view camera at a retial cost of S1599 £31230)

The project has simply driven home the harsh reality of the risks of sinking money into unrealized on-line schemes.

Unlike the oft promised deliveries, the end actually came very quickly.

Website Digital Trends reports that the company has in fact closed down, although Skully’s website remains online, still offering free summer delivery but indicating that its helmets are now all “sold out” whilst still talking about fulfilling all pre-orders.

The only wait now is for investors to see whether they will ever get their money back…..

Anyone interested in investing in a “Back to the Future” style hover board developed by a company called Mulder??....anyone??….the Truth is Out There!


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