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Hollywood “A” Lister launches his own range of Motorcycles, starting with “The Arch KRGT-1

The KRGT bit stands for Keanu Reeves, who has collaborated with builder Gard Hollinger (no, I’’ve never heard of him either) to come up with this Cruiser / Sportbike crossover machine.

 As a matter of fact, in his life, Reeves has only owned 2 cars and always made motorcycles his main mode of transportation. In Hollywood circles he’s well known buying a motorcycle wherever he is on a movie set and then reselling it after the shoot ends.

 The heart of the KRGT-1 (for Keanu Reeves GT-1) is a not exactly the traditional S&S Cycle 124″ 45-degree motor (2,032 cc) that you can buy from off the shelf.

 To resolve the issue of V-Twin side-mounted intakes laying in the way of the rider’s leg, Arch worked with the Wisconsin manufacturer to develop a Down Draft Induction System, positioning it between the billet aluminium fuel cells. This S&S/Artch motor is coupled with a special 6-speed Baker Drivetrain tranny with a compact high torque mainsheet and a Bandit primary system with a compact clutch basket.

 The KRGT-1 will set you back $75,000  (£62,000) (order accepted with a $15,000 deposit), a price which could only be justified for a limited production truly beautiful custom motorcycle.

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