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Prescription Rider Eyewear Kit

Ever stop to think that using your increasingly expensive everyday prescription glasses for riding probably isn't the best idea?

After all, they're designed for ordinary day living, they weren't specifically designed to be subject to the potential forces being exerted on them once inside your helmet. 

Being inside a snug fitting helmet creates lateral & horizontal forces that the spectacle frames won't have been designed to take, resulting in, amongst other issues, discomfort on the nose bridge, uncomfortable downward pressure on the ears & potential frame distortion & damage to the glasses arms or hinges.

Then there's the issue of wind turbulence, your everyday eyewear isn't designed to deal the wind turbulence you experience with open face helmets or riding with the visor up on a full face one

Then there's the actual integrity of the lenses.  Whilst you may have had paid extra for any number of features such as an anti glare coating to the lens for work on your PC, do you actually know if the lenses are shatter resistant, which really should be the number one priority for all motorcyclists.

The Sturgis 24 Prescription Rider kit covers all the bases for you offering:

Virtually indestructible flexible frame specifically designed to fit in even the tightest of helmets & designed to be comfortable on even the longest of rides.

The foam padded insert behind the kit frame helps stop the wind, meaning less time worrying about streaming eyes & more time spent enjoying your ride.

Shatter resistant reactive lenses to protect your eyes against anything the roads or weather can throw at you.

Anti fog coating to help minimise fogging whilst stationary.

A picture's worth a 1000 words so check out the video in the Sturgis 24 listing for full details & check out our customer reviews


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