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LS2 4X Bluetooth Intercom for LS2 Advant Helmet
LS2 4X Bluetooth Intercom for LS2 Advant Helmet
LS2 4X Bluetooth Intercom for LS2 Advant Helmet
LS2 4X Bluetooth Intercom for LS2 Advant Helmet

LS2 4X Bluetooth Intercom for LS2 Advant Helmet

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 LS2 4X Bluetooth Intercom for LS2 Advant Helmet

Compatible with LS2 Advant, Advant X & Advant Carbon X

The LS2 4X Bluetooth Headset is the ultimate riding companion, offering a plethora of features designed to keep you connected and safe.

You can easily communicate with your riding crew and share exciting moments on every excursion with intercom communication for up to 4 riders within a 0.75-mile range.

Maintain control with two Bluetooth channels that permit simultaneous, smooth connections to your phone and GPS devices.

Intercom makes it simple to make and receive calls, utilise speed dial, and participate in conference conversations, so you never miss a beat while experiencing the rush of travelling.

Additionally, the LS2 4X features Natural Voice Operation, which enables you to use the headset’s features hands-free by saying “Hey Cardo.” This novel function focuses your attention on the trip, improving convenience and safety. The LS2 4X Bluetooth Headset provides the best connectivity and performance, with automated volume control, simple controls, multilingual status announcements, and compatibility with the Cardo Connect app.


Integrates with Advant/Advant X
Intercom communication up to 4 riders (Range: 0.75 miles/1.2km)
2 Bluetooth channels to connect with phones or GPS devices
Phone features include make/receive/reject calls, speed dial, and conference calls with intercom
Natural Voice Operation: Allowing for “hey Cardo” functions of the headset instead of using buttons
Live Bluetooth Intercom feat. auto-reconnect
Easy-to-use control wheel
Automatic Volume Control can automatically adjust your sound based on outside ambient noise
Multilingual status announcements
Cardo Connect is compatible with iOS and Android
Over-the-Air software updates
USB type-C connection
Up to 13 hours of talk time
Fast charging provides 2 hours of talk time after 20-minute charge
10-day standby time
Built-in FM radio with RDS
Bluetooth 5.2
40mm JBL speakers
Universal connectivity








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    Terence Stewart
    Bluetooth lntercm

    Excellent service and great intercom


    A must if you got the ls2 helmet. Absolutely brilliant kit