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EVA padded Clear Lens Biker Goggles
EVA padded Clear Lens Biker Goggles

EVA padded Clear Lens Biker Goggles

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EVA padded Clear Lens Goggles

Twin eye motorcycle/riding goggles with vented frame to help prevent fogging.

These are rugged and durable goggles that meet safety standards for impact protection giving maximum protection against the elements. The hard wearing yet comfortable foamless rubber seal fits snug to your face and protects against wind, dust and bugs.

Frame: matte black; durable and flexible TPU rubber construction for all day wear; vented to minimise fogging; comfortable foamless rubber seal on the inside of the frame; helmet compatible (most helmets).

Strap: adjustable elasticated head strap made from soft and durable yarns (approx. 0.8" wide).

Lenses: anti-fog coating; 2.5 mm shatterproof polycarbonate; scratch resistant; rated UV400 to block harmful ultraviolet light.

Approximate Dimensions:
Frame: width 16 cm; height 5 cm; 13.6 cm across temples; 

Medium to Large size (regular).

Viewable area: width 6.6 cm per lens; height 3.9 cm.
Head strap: 25 cm to 45 cm long un-stretched.

These goggles meet ANSI Z87.1-2010 (Z87+) industrial standard for safety eyewear (high speed particle / low energy impact).

They comply with ISO 12312-1:2013+A1:2015 and block 100% UVA/UVB rays meeting ANSI Z80.3 UV General Purpose Protection Standards.

UV filter category 0 when clear (night riding, low light, cloudy and overcast conditions) 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Chris Owens
Great goggles

Bought these to go with my new Daytona open face lid. They are very comfortable, good wind protection and the wide strap is great. Also much cheaper than the market leading "retro" goggles but just as effective.


I can't give a proper review as yet as they are a present for my husbands birthday which isn't till the end of the month, so can review then.. They look good to me and what I was looking for but it will be what hubby thinks.. I have put 3 stars for delivery..

Christopher Dean
Better than any I have tried so far.

Smaller and neater than most others, hardly aware of the frame while I am riding. First rate kit!

Bruce Connell
Great riding glasses

I bought these as an alternative to my goggles which whilst great are rather warm in the summer months. I have worn these glasses now several times and they are superb. They offer more visual awareness when looking sideways and backwards for lane changing etc. Additionally a big plus is they tend to self drain in the rain. I have to wipe my goggles frequently. These do not need the same amount of wiping as the rain seems to dissipate from the lenses much more leaving them clearer even whilst still wet. They allow for some airflow so do not steam up, but still keep me dry and stop the air and dirt from drying my eyes out. They fit comfortably under my open face helmet with the elasticated strap giving the right amount of tension required and the glasses sit well and do not drop or rub my face. All in all an excellent pair of riding glasses for a great price. Try them and see for yourself.