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Buff Mystery Box

Buff Mystery Box

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Buff Mystery Box

Grab a bargain with this pack of 3 randomly selected genuine Buffs (RRP £16 each) worth £48 for JUST £22

We hope you like your selection, but if there's odd designs you don't really ljke, then we're afraid you can't swap these.
As with all our products, if you're not happy with them, simply send them back to us for a refund.
Finally, it's called a Mystery Box Deal, but your Buffs will actually come in a packet, not a box!!
The Original BUFF® has the latest fabric technology making it 4 Way Stretch. 
The revamped product is made from recycled polyester microfibre obtained from clear plastic recycled bottles supplied and certified by Repreve®. Suitable for all weather conditions the Original BUFF® has a UPF 50 rating.


Product Description
ORIGINAL BUFF is a multifunctional tubular accessory ideal for many activities. Designed to keep you warm in the cold, Original BUFF will also wick moisture (sweat) away from your skin to keep you cool when it is hot. The lightweight, breathable, microfibre fabric is extremely comfortable to wear.



ORIGINAL BUFF can be worn as a neckerchief, headband, wristband, mask, hair-band, balaclava, scarf, headband, scrunchie, saharaine, pirate cap, beanie and bandana.


Products created using fabric stretchable in all directions for an
improved comfort and better fit.


Protection against the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation.
Samples of fabrics have been tested for UV protection by
LEITAT-Textile Technology Institutes in accordance with the
standard AS/NZS 4399:1996 “Sun protective clothing Evaluation
and Classification”, results achieving UPF>50 (98% UV protection).
Protection may be lessened if fabric is stretched, wet or old.


Sweat and moisture are transported through the fabric away from
the skin. Provides comfort and helps keeping body temperature stable.


A wide range of utilities and ways to wear the same product.
A single BUFF® headwear item brings many use opportunities.


One-piece tubular fabric without any threat or sewn piece giving
maximum skin comfort.


Textile with high wicking properties. Transports sweat and humidity
through the fabric making evaporation efficient and faster.


The OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 is a globally
uniform testing and certification system for
textile raw materials, intermediate and end
products at all stages of production. Its aim is to
ensure products are free of harmful substances.

 · CERT ISO 9001

International standard model specifying the
requirements to optimise the resources use
and minimise the environmental effect of the
production process.

 · CERT ISO 14001

International standard mode specifying the
requirements to establish a quality management
system. Introducing constant improvement
methods and process to enhance the product
quality and customers satisfaction.

Highly effective antimicrobial technology that uses natural silver
salt in low concentration to inhibit the growth of microorganisms
for odour control and fresh comfort.


 RRP £16.00