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Freedom 24 Removable EVA Foam Padded Yellow to Dark Reactalite, Eyewear - Fat Skeleton UK

STURGIS 24 Removable EVA Foam Padded Yellow to Dark Reactalite

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Removable, Soft EVA Vented foam padding make these both practical & comfortable...they don't press against the top of your nose or hurt when worn on long runs.

Arms can be removed & replaced with a narrow strap (supplied)

These are SHATTERPROOF photochromic lenses that react to light. They're yellow indoors & at night but darken like sunglasses in sunlight. So you only need one pair of glasses for all conditions. 

They're easy to slide in and out of a fastened helmet AND their ability to reduce wind turbulence is amazing.  Better specification than some glasses costing many times more than these.

The yellow lenses react with the brain to create what can be best described as 'instant sunshine'. They also increase your depth & 3D perception of your environment, which is why many professional marksmen & engineers swear by them!

However they work, we guarantee you'll be amazed at just how they'll make those dull days a more pleasurable ride!!

Many users also find that these reduce night time glare from street lamps and headlights and this style of glasses are sometimes referred to as Night Vision Glasses.