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Smoke Lens Aviator style Retro Pilot Goggles
Smoke Lens Aviator style Retro Pilot Goggles

Smoke Lens Aviator style Retro Pilot Goggles

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Classic ANTI FOG Goggles with SMOKED lenses

High quality goggles with a distinctive low profile shape.
They are made from a durable and long lasting black leather like material. 
The classic looking goggles have foam padding for comfort and are ideal for open face helmets with a curved body and frame for wide peripheral vision. 
They creates a distinctive look with any open face helmet with a non slip elastic strap that is large so as to fit over your helmet. 

They are made for the America market & these meet the stringent ANSI Z87.1+ American safety eyewear requirement.

"ANSI Z87.1 classifies eye protection as impact- or non-impact-rated. Impact-rated eye protection must pass certain high-mass and high-velocity tests, and provide eye protection from the side. Impact-rated eye protection will have a plus symbol (+). Impact-rated flat lenses, for instance, will be marked “Z87+.”

Also available Dark AND a Photochromic lens version

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Rain Cloud
    Too Tall, Birdz Condor

    There is no detail of the brand and the model of the goggles here so I assumed that the brand was "Aviator" from USA. It is actually Condor goggles from Birdz which are worth $34.99.

    The real aviator goggles it is imitating is much shorter, these goggles are too large and don't fit the face well. Its size is more like skiing goggles and look ridiculous.

    Been looking for something this good for years!

    Have been looking and creating for 50+ yrs for m/c goggles for my wife Jac (not a bloke),
    that would be appropriate without letting in draughts etc.
    I knew when I spotted them on your website it would be the ‘biz’. Many thanks indeed for your prompt & efficient


    Excellent pair of googles . Wore them for the first time today and an excellent fit. No wind or rain got in. Definitely recommend