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Virgo Guardian Angel Bell, Lifestyle Accessories - Fat Skeleton UK

Virgo Guardian Angel Bell

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Virgo Guardian Angel Bell


Have you ever seen the small bells hanging on people's bikes? It is not just another decoration, it has a very specific purpose, to ward off evil road spirits.

Legend tells that these evil spirits (some call them GREMLINS) live on your bike, attracted by all the chrome & it's cool styling!!!.

They go to work & enjoy creating havoc when you ride. They love creating problems such as...your electrics won't work, your battery won't charge, in fact any problem you encounter was started by the evil spirits (who spookily know which riders carry out routine servicing & maintenance!)

HOWEVER, help is at hand as these evil road spirits can't stand the noise a bell makes when it rings, they get confused, put both hands to their ears and fall off your bike. That, by the way, is how potholes form in our roads and motorways.

The magic of The BELL is doubled if the bell on your bike was given to you by a friend. So here you have it, a great GIFT idea for the rider who has nearly everything... the Spirit Bell is manufactured in the States and has a chrome finish...it measures 1.5" tall & comes complete in a neat black velvet pouch along with an explanation of the legend of the bell.